Carbon Compositi S.r.l. offer consultancy to producers and users of articles manufactured in composite materials and aim at offering technical assistance and engineering support.

Our Mission

Carbon Compositi S.r.l. started its activity as a consulting company in 1992. Its headquarters are in Campoformido and the manufacturing plant and offices is in Basiliano (UD). We offer consultancy to producers and users of articles manufactured in composite materials and we aim at offering technical assistance and engineering support during all of the G.R.P. production phases, from the design and /or production of prototypes, to structural verification and final testing of every type of G.R.P. structure.

Carbon Compositi’s slogan is “offering solutions in composite material”

Thanks to our wide experience on GRP laminate structures, acquired over the years, we are able to help you with our technical advice on material failures: on careful investigation of the possible reasons for the incident, the consequent designing, checking and making of the required repairs will then be carried out.

Our main activities for GRP Manufacturers and End-Users are the following:

Designing of new production facilities : our experience and co-operation during the various design stages is at your service: we will help you in selecting materials, engineering, developing new production technologies, designing and organizing the lay-out of your production plant;

Engineering support for the designing of new composite structures, or the reviewing of technical, buying or manufacturing specifications, as well as in the research and technological development or for the evaluation of used production machines;

Technical Surveys with on-site inspections for the investigation/study of the possible reasons for failure, and service in writing party’s or technical reports;

Repairs, assembling, structural modifications or maintenance on products and accessories, which can be scheduled based on the Client’s needs and can be carried out on-site by our skilled personnel;

Glass or Carbon fibers structural coating of deteriorated reinforced concrete structures, also carried out on-site by our skilled personnel, designed to increase flexural and compression load bearing of the existing structures: the technical characteristics and safety of the structures are greatly improved;

Laboratory tests for the evaluation of the chemical and physical characteristics of raw materials or finished products, acoustic emission monitoring and deformation analysis;

Working environment tests (both internal and external);

Company services such as training of personnel , company risk mapping in accordance with the norms in force, Quality Assurance , Company Quality System according to ISO 9001, assistance for certification;

Company business organization , assistance for the evaluation of suppliers and offers, cost analyses and feasibility studies.

Prototype or small quantity production of GRP products, both with fiberglass – pipes tanks and special parts made through the Filament Winding and Hand Lay Up technologies, and with carbon fibers – cylinders or various shape parts made through the Vacuum Bag technology.

Suitability for use, verification/inspection of GRP tanks , carried out on site by skilled personnel, including:

  • internal and external visual test/check,
  • internal liner Barcol hardness test,
  • wall thickness check (magnetic gauge)
  • Cylinder circumferential deformation under hydrostatic load with electronic strain gauges

Carbon Compositi’s managers’ experience and skills in the composite field have been acquired over 30 years of training and work in the most important companies of the composite sector.

The Company co-operates with skilled professionals who also have a proven study and work background in the same composite materials market. Carbon Compositi works in association with:

Industrial Organization of the Province of Udine;

Assocompositi (Italian Composites Association)

Mr. Valerio Danielis, the Company Chairman, over the years has also coordinated the training of newly employed technicians for other companies, as their Head of the Research and Development Department.; he now collaborates with regional Institutions, is a consultant for artisans at ESA (Ente per lo Sviluppo dell’Artigianato – Body for the Development of artisanship); he is also registered with the Board of Industrial Experts of the Province of Udine, as well as at the Board of Technical Consultants for the Court of Udine.

Carbon Compositi S.r.l. utilizes the most updated computer systems and programmes for the designing of Reinforced Plastic structures; all regulations and laws in force for design standards concerning composite structural verifications are constantly and carefully updated.

Thanks to in-depth studies on the most updated technologies and innovative materials available on the market, two PATENTS, available on request, were developed and registered, relevant to:

  • DOUBLE WALL GRP TANK, underground installation – Leakage monitoring system;
  • CONDUCTIVE GRP PIPES AND SPECIAL PARTS – manufacturing system with no carbon black additives