Carbon Compositi S.r.l. offer consultancy to producers and users of articles manufactured in composite materials and aim at offering technical assistance and engineering support.

Carbon Compositi S.r.l. started its activity as a technical advisor company in 1992. Its head office and plant is in Basiliano (UD). We offer consultancy to producers and end users of articles manufactured in composite materials and we aim at offering technical assistance and engineering support during all of the G.R.P. production phases, from the design and /or production of prototypes, to structural verification and final testing of every type of G.R.P. structure.

Carbon Compositi’s slogan is “we give solutions in composite material”

Thanks to our wide experience on GRP laminate structures, acquired over the years, we are able to help you with our technical advice on material failures: on careful investigation of the possible reasons for the incident, the consequent designing, checking and making of the required repairs will then be carried out.

Recently we have developed and started a new production line, where pipes with Filament Winding technology and accessories such as elbows, tee flanges, prototypes and small series of products in reinforced plastic materials are produced. The materials used are the thermosetting resinous matrices such as Isophthalic and Vinylester polyester resins).


The reinforcing materials are glass fibers in various commercial forms (Chopped Strand Mat (CSM), WR woven roving mats, coupled and multi axial), carbon fibers, aramid fibers (kevlar) and also hybrid fabrics as glass / carbon aramid / carbon . The molding technologies available are:

  • Hand lay up
  • press molding
  • continuous winding molding called Filament Winding.

Also available is a production line of cylindrical bodies with pre-impregnated “PrePreg” fabrics.

Recently we have also started, as retailers, the sales of raw materials and additives for hobbyists and small producers.

On our website under Shop you will find: glass fibers, carbon fibers, thermosetting resins, fillers, release agents and many other products. All materials can be viewed and purchased also online from our website

Carbon Compositi’s managers’ experience and skills in the composite field have been acquired over 30 years of training and work in the most important companies of the composite sector.

The Company co-operates with skilled professionals who also have a proven study and work background in the same composite materials market

Carbon Compositi is also associated with Confindustria Udine

Mr. Valerio Danielis, the company Chairman, has also coordinated the training of newly employed technicians for other companies; he designs composite structures then produced by Carbon Composites or also for third parties.

Mr Danielis is also registered with the Board of Industrial Experts of the Province of Udine, as well as at the Board of Technical Consultants for the Court of Udine.