CARBON COMPOSITI is pleased to share, on its website, the document issued by UNIONPLAST Federation of Plastic Rubber, an organization which is part of Confindustria.

The document indicates which and how many quantities of plastic are used for the various packaging, construction, transport sectors and the actions taken at European level to recycle and reduce the environmental impact of plastics.


The COREPLA consortium has been recycling plastics in Italy for more than 20 years.

We take this opportunity to highlight that the chemical elements that make up almost all plastics are “C” Carbon, “H” Hydrogen and “O” Oxygen.

The same elements that make up the natural biological structures (plants, vegetables, fruit) in fact, the environment, do not attack plastic materials with corrosive phenomena of disintegration but recognize them as biologically compatible.

With reference to the chemical composition of materials in contact with food, such as milk, fruit juices, hydroalcoholic drinks, we point out that metal laminates, in particular stainless steel, contain important concentrations of heavy metals such as “Ni” Nickel, “Cr” Chromium and “Mo” Molybdenum, and are not constantly monitored to check for any migrations in the foods with which they remain in contact for long periods.